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September 2015
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Buzby Annuals and Books






Buzby Annual 1979

The Buzby annual contained Buzby cartoon stories, puzzles, articles on the history of the telephone and ideas for things to make; in this issue you can create a Buzby movie by making a simple flick book.

This annual is from 1979 and was published by Brown Watson and printed in Holland. It is marked copyright Post Office telecommunications 1976, 1979.





Buzby Annual 1980

A slightly rarer copy of the Buzby annual, this time from 1980. The annual contained the usual mix of Buzby cartoon stories, articles, puzzles and things to make; in this issue you could make a telephone dial tiddlywinks game.

This annual was published by Brown Watson, London and printed in the Netherlands. It is marked as copyright Post Office Telecommunications 1979 and 1980.


Buzby Books

There was a series of paperback children’s books featuring Buzby stories published by Severn House Paperbacks Limited. They were written by Hilary Alcock and illustrated by Mary Roberts.

Titles included:
• Buzby’s Challenge
• Buzby’s Girlfriend
• Buzby goes Skateboarding
• Buzby’s Rock Group

Featured here is Buzby goes skateboarding. The book was published in 1978 and measures 140mm x 125mm. It contains 16 pages and retailed at 40p.

The story starts with Buzby skateboarding and showing off to his friends when he crashes into a set of roadworks and gets injured. His friends rush to a telephone kiosk and dial 999 for an ambulance. Buzby is taken to hospital but thankfully he is not seriously hurt but has to stay in hospital for a few days. He gets told off by the nurses for not wearing a helmet and then calls his mother from his hospital bed and she sends him a new helmet. Buzby was soon up and about again and skateboarding with his friends when they spotted a sign advertising a Skateboard Championship. So they decide to enter the team race as The Buzby team. At the competition all of the teams were judged and the winner was announced as.........

Sorry, but I couldn't spoil it for you by revealing the ending. You'll have to buy your own copy to see who won!