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September 2015
This site has been archived. Many of the links have been preserved but lead to old web pages that may no longer exist. Please send any problems to the Salford University webmaster. Thanks.

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research


Buzby Household Items



Buzby Tray

This rather splendid and colourful round tin tray measures 30 cm in diameter and shows Buzby resting against the top of a telegraph pole making a call. It is marked copyright P.O. Telecommunications 1976, 1979 and is Made in England by Josam Bros. London.


Buzby Coasters

Two rather nice plastic covered square drinks coasters. The one on the left shows Buzby stirring a cup of tea whilst making a telephone call and saying Hello, Buzby here. The one on the right shows Buzby on a skateboard with the slogan, Carefree Buzby. Both are copyright Post Office Telecommunications 1976, 1979.




Buzby Mugs

Here is a set of three Buzby mugs. Each features Buzby in a different pose but they all carry the words Make someone happy.


Buzby Beer Mats

Buzby even found his way into pubs. Here are two beer mats showing Buzby making a telephone call with the slogan We’re here to help you. The one on the left is branded British Telecom whilst the one on the right carries the older Post Office Telecommunications branding.


Buzby Beer Mats – Cheap Talk

These beer mats feature Buzby standing crossed legged talking on the telephone. They are branded as British Telecom South East and are promoting cheap rate telephone calls. Each carries the slogan Cheap Talk – 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday and all weekend.


Buzby Paper Plate

This paper plate measures 230mm in diameter and shows Buzby playing badminton with his mum. It is marked as copyright Post Office Telecommunications 1976, 1980.