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September 2015
This site has been archived. Many of the links have been preserved but lead to old web pages that may no longer exist. Please send any problems to the Salford University webmaster. Thanks.

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research


Buzby Novelties


Buzby Message Pad

It is always useful to have a notepad to hand when the phone goes so that you can jot down those important messages. Here is a Buzby message pad for exactly that purpose. It is intended to be wall mounted, was produced by Hestair Stationery and is marked as copyright Post Office Telecommunications 1978.


Buzby Clockwork Walking Toy

Another fun item, a plastic clockwork Buzby toy measuring 80mm high. Wind him up and watch him waddle.


Buzby Rubber Figure

This rubber figure is of Buzby talking on his telephone. It measures 7cm high and is marked on the base as copyright of Post Office Telecommunications 1978 and made in Germany.


Buzby key ring

This key ring shows on one side, Buzby legs crossed, talking on the telephone and on the other side, carries the phrase, Say it with words.


Buzby Eraser

This eraser is in the shape of a letter ‘B’ and shows Buzby carrying out some form of chemistry experiment; there is a Bunsen burner and he is pouring a liquid from a test tube into a Florence flask. Below Buzby it states, Made in Taiwan for Helix and is marked copyright Post Office Telecommunications 1976, 79.


Buzby Model

This model of Buzby is made of soft rubber and stands 120mm high and measures 110 mm at its widest point. The model is of Buzby resting on a post with a red GP0 706 rotary dial telephone at his feet and holding the telephone handset to his left ear. It is marked on the base as copyright of P.O. Telecommunications 1976 , Made in England by Combex and carries the reference number 4705/R. There is a hole on the top of the model passing through the telephone handset and Buzby’s left wing. Quite what this was for is unclear but it could have been for a pen or pencil.


Buzby Paper Cut-outs

Two rather fun items. At the back is a cut-out Buzby hat that forms into the shape of his eyes and beak. This item also shows the later branding of British Telecom. In the front is a cardboard cut-out that forms into a 3D model of Buzby himself.


Buzby Messages Metal Clipboard

This metal Buzby clipboard measures 265mm x 315mm and is marked, Buzby Messages. It shows Buzby at the top of a telegraph pole making a telephone call and by his feet he has his own Buzby clipboard. On it is reads, Phone Oliver today!. The clipboard is marked copyright of Post Office Telecommunications 1976, 1979 and shows the maker as Azlon Limited.