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September 2015
This site has been archived. Many of the links have been preserved but lead to old web pages that may no longer exist. Please send any problems to the Salford University webmaster. Thanks.

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research


Have you seen one of our lectures?  Would you like to?  Would you like us to visit your school, college or group and present a lecture?  Do please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Why not watch one right now?  

The IET (Manchester) Christmas Lecture for 2006, “From talking 2 txtng” can be viewed on-line.

Message received and understood New: a Windows Media Player stream of Message Received and Understood can be watched online.


The following are examples of the lectures we deliver.   All involve demonstrations of technology and can involve plenty of audience participation.  We promise that you won’t be bored! 

“From man on the moon to life in cyberspace”

In 1969 men walked on the moon and began work on building the internet.  In under 40 years mankind has experienced both outer space and cyberspace – what does the next 40 years offer?

From man on the moon to life in cyberspace

“From talking 2 txtng”

In 1876 the world’s first telephone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson.  Learn how the telephone has evolved since then into today’s modern mobiles where texting has started to take over from talking as the main method of communicating.
Watch From talking 2 txtng on-line now!

From talking 2 txtng

“The Winged Messenger”

From the earliest times, our ability to communicate with one another has been essential to our evolution.  Mercury was the messenger of the Gods and his winged sandals ensured he could deliver his messages quickly.   Take a journey through 4,000 years of human development and see how technology has always been exploited to improve our ability to communicate over greater and greater distances and at an ever faster speed.

Winged Messenger

“170 years – Ringing the Changes”

In 1837 the telegraph became a practical reality and heralded a new generation of telecommunication technologies based on electricity.    Marvel at the engineering advances that have taken place in the 170 years since then!

Ringing the Changes (170 Years)

“Message received and understood?”

Telecommunications allows us to send information from one point to another but how do we ensure that whole messages can be sent.  More importantly, how do we know if the message that is received is understood by the recipient?  

Watch Message Received and Understood online now.

Message received and understood

“From Wheatstone to the web and beyond!”

In 1837 Charles Wheatstone and William Cooke demonstrated the first real practical means of communicating using electricity.  Their electric telegraph triggered a telecommunications revolution that has today given us the world wide web. 

From Wheatstone to the web and beyond

“You’re never alone with a mobile phone”

See how the mobile phone is influencing your life, find out how it all works  and how using a phone means that your actual location is now known. With a mobile phone you are always connected and never alone.

You're never alone with a mobile phone

“The Internet and trends in modern communications”

Just how does the Internet work, what is the world-wide-web and what does the future hold? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

The internet and trends in modern communications

“Keep on Tracking”

Communications technology today is able to determine your location and track your movements.   See how this is being used to protect and help you.


Keep on tracking

“Telecommunications Today”

Explore the history timeline of technology evolution and invention that has driven the telecommunications revolution, learn about the main technical advances made and see how these have created today’s mobile telephone system and the Internet.

Telecommunications today

“Telecommunications – shaping society”

Mankind has always exploited the technology of the day to improve communications.  From cave paintings to the mobile telephone and the Internet, see how our society has been influenced and shaped by telecommunications”

Telecommunications today - shaping society

Photos from recent lectures

Probus Club Worsley

Nigel Linge delivering a lecture to the Probus Club of Worsley

Probus Club Chorley]

Nigel Linge delivering a lecture to the Probus Club of Chorley

Probus Club Brooklands

David Parsons delivering a lecture to the Probus Club of Brooklands

Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

Nigel Linge and Duncan Bates delivering a lecture for visitors to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

How a telephone converst your voice to an electrical signal

Nigel Linge with a volunteer showing how the telephone converts your voice to an electrical signal.

Rotary dial telephone

Nigel Linge (left) and David Parsons (right) help a young volunteer learn how to operate a rotary dial telephone and see how telephone calls were made automatically

David Parsons, Nigel Linge and Kate Booth

David Parsons (left), Nigel Linge (middle) and Kate Booth (right) show the Wheatstone-Cooke four needle telegraph before delivering the CAMPUS Family Science Lecture.

Sending images over a telecommunications network

The ‘team’ get ready to demonstrate how images are sent over a telecommunications network at the CAMPUS Family Science Lecture.