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September 2015
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Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research

Angham A. Abdulahad Sabagh

Angham A. Abdulahad Sabagh
Tel: +44 (0) 161 295 2906


Angham A. Abdulahad: Birth in Baghdad Iraq, She is now a PhD student, in Context Awareness Computer Networking; she started in January 2008 at the University of Salford within the School of Computing Science and Engineering. She graduated from the University of Technology, Baghdad in 1984 with a BSc in Systems and Control Engineering; she was the 1st amongst 121 Graduates, she obtained her MSc. in Computer Engineering from the same University in 1989.

Angham A. Abdulahad joined The University of technology in 1984 as an Engineer, and became lecturer in 1995, then Assistant professor in 2005. Between September 2002 and 2006 she became the Head of computer branch at the Department of Systems and Control Engineering at the same university.  During this period, she was involved in a number of research projects within the area of computer engineering. She also worked as a part time consultant at the Electricity Board, Baghdad

PhD research project description

Modern environments are getting more intelligent about the needs of the people who live, work or socialize in these environments. In order to achieve this level of intelligence in such environments, networked computer systems have to be introduced into the environment at various parts and sections wherever intelligence is needed to achieve a complex task or interact with people. In this PhD research, context awareness and networked systems will be used to create a smart classroom environment. Such environment would use advanced technologies including, wireless devices and sensor networks to achieve the required degree for intelligence. The research aims to achieve a smart seminar and classroom environment that will react to the needs of the instructor and the learner to make the delivery of the seminar / lecture more effective and interactive. Part of this research is concerned with the use of LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) as the context server to act as a storage medium for the context aware system.


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A Paper to be submitted to the PG Net 2008 (post graduate Symposium) / Liverpool University titled: “Integrating Context information into LDAP”