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September 2015
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mi-Guide @school

Moving Images – Bringing the world closer

The activities and teacher’s notes for the Moving Images unit can be downloaded separately by clicking on the links below.  Alternatively, you can Download all mi-Guide@School Moving Images activity sheets (zip file, 5.3MB)


Introduction to the Moving Images unit
Moving Images Introduction

Making a zoetrope

One of the first devices for producing moving images is called a zoetrope.  Make and test a simple zoetrope of your own.
Making a zoetrope Activity Sheet
Making a zoetrope Teacher’s Notes
Zoetrope template
Blank Zoetrope template

Square eyes?

So how much television do you watch?  Enough?  Too much?  Design and carry out a survey to find out just who’s watching what.
Square eyes Activity Sheet
Square eyes Teacher’s Notes

You’ve been a lovely audience

How big is a television audience?  How many people watched Princes Diana’s funeral?  Investigate the biggest viewing figures from 1990 to 2004 – which programmes are the most popular and is the it the BBC or ITV that gets the largest audiences?
You’ve been a lovely audience Activity Sheet
You’ve been a lovely audience Teacher’s Notes

Dr Who and HD

He can travel through time!  He can save the world! But how exactly does he get onto TV screens?  Learn about how the Doctor’s image is produced on a television screen.
Dr Who and HD Activity Sheet
Dr Who and HD Teacher’s Notes

Make a promotional video

Your chance to make your own short programme – about anything you want.  Are you the next television producer?
Making a promotional video Activity Sheet
Making a promotional video Teacher’s Notes